Putting the Bottom of the Map, On the Map
Volume 6

Volume 6

Raw Fish Raw Talent

Raw Fish Raw Talent

Local Talent Art Showcase

Volume 6

October 01, 2017

Event Location

Backroom Live 10000 SW 56th St.
Miami, FL 33165

¡¿Que vuelta mi gente latina?!
Backroom Sessions invites you to celebrate with every beautiful hue of skin during volume 6, 
Join us for the next showcase,
Welcome to all the people -regardless of their beliefs and race,
Because we are all hermanas y hermanos,
Todos luchamos, 
Y debajo del mismo sol bailamos, 
But since it’s Hispanic Heritage month,
Vamos hacer un relajo, 
Dedicado a los centro y sur americanos, 
Pero no nos olvidamos, 
De los cubanos, dominicanos y puertorriqueños, 
Por que también celebramos los caribeños, 
Queremos ver tu bachateo,  
Mueve esa cinturita,
Baila La Rueda, 
Una salsita, 
Sin pena, 
Vamos a tener reggaetoneros,
Para que bailen sexy- perreo intenso, 
Tendremos “El Pulgero”, 
So come support the local hustle,
Take home a piece of art that speaks to your soul,
And don’t worry,
We got something for those munchies,
The Fish House has got you with some delicacies,
But leave room for wine and brewskies,
And don’t forget to feast your eyes on the art displayed in the @writtenreal gallery,
So make sure you’re free,
Sunday October 01,
10000 SW Miller Dr is where you want to be,
Doors at 5pm, show at 5:30,
Not running on cuban time, 
So try to buy your ticket online,
Y’all better ride,
Wearing your flags, 
Showing your pride!
As always, 
Sending love and light
•Miel Dulce 
Spanish 101:
•¡¿Que vuelta mi gente latina?!: What’s good my latin people? (Similar to common phrase “Que bola”)
•hermanas y hermanos: sisters and brothers
•Todos luchamos: we all struggle
•Sangramos: we bleed
•Respiramos: we breathe 
•Y debajo del mismo sol bailamos: and dance under the same sun
•Vamos hacer un relajo: we’re gonna get ratchet
•Dedicado a los centro y sur americanos: in the name of central and south Americans
•Pero no nos olvidamos: but we won’t forget
•De los cubanos, dominicanos, y puertorriqueños: the Cubans, Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans
•También celebramos los caribeños: we are also celebrating the Caribbean
•Queremos ver tu bachateo: we wanna see you dance “bachata”
•Mueve esa cinturita: gyrate that waist
•Baila La Rueda: dance “la Rueda” (couples salsa commonly seen at “quinces” or a young lady’s 15th birthday)
•Sin pena: don’t be shy
•Vamos a tener reggaetoneros: we’re gonna have Spanish rappers/“reggaeton” artists
•Para que bailen sexy: so you can get sexy with it
•Perreo intenso: intense grinding- on some Spanish “baby, grind on me” (lol!)
•Tendremos “El Pulgero”, (we’ll have the flea market)
•Miel Dulce: Sweet Honey

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Backroom Sessions

Backroom Sessions is a platform designed and driven by locals showcasing Visual & Performing Talent. We cater to all genres and mediums with efforts to promote artists in their neighborhoods while expanding the parameters of where locals find their fix for the arts. Backroom Sessions offers an intimate experience in which the focus is on each artist while allowing the audience to network effortlessly, promoting collaborations among youth.

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The Fish House
10000 SW 56th St #41,
Miami, FL 33165